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The Humming Field

Site updated: 4.04.09

Get the debut album (CD) by The Humming Field directly from the artist by clicking the PayPal ADD TO CART button below. You'll be taken to PayPal™ for a secure transaction. You can use your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. We'll mail it out to you ASAP : )

Thanks for your support and thanks for listening.

—Matt Cullen, The Humming Field

Can't wait for the disc to arrive in the mail? Fair enough. Download the album now from CDBaby. The downloadable tracks are high-quality mp3 files (~200k VBR) that play on ANY mp3 player, all in a zip file along with a JPG image of the album art.

Want to take a test drive? Listen to tracks from the album on the MUSIC page.

iTunes Store: search "the humming field"



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